You might need a Contract and not even know it!

Here are a few Contracts that are used in every day life, business and personal.

If it's not in writing then it didn't happen. Let me help protect you today!

First, disclaimer: I have had SO MANY clients find free or even paid for legal contracts online that just DO NOT WORK.
Please do not fall for that. Different states have different laws for a reason, and I have read many contracts that are not enforceable
because they were downloaded from the internet and modified, but were not attorney approved for their state.
So, if you need a contract of ANY kind, please contact me or another attorney to help you with the process!
It could save you serious headaches and legal fees later.
1. Non-Compete Agreements
These are common with employment relationships or business sales. Non-Compete Agreements protect the business entity from having their trade/s stolen or taken to start another business. Further, if you sell a business, you may be asked to sign this type of agreement saying you won't go start another business of the like within a certain time period (usually 2-5 years for both types).
2. Landlord/Tenant Leases
These are self-explanatory. There are MANY free versions of these available online, and I have read hundreds of them. But what a lot of landlord and tenants do NOT know is that several KEY things can be missing from these that allow for very costly litigation later. I have a lot of experience with these, so please contact me if you want one reviewed or need one created.
3. Employment Agreements
Ohio is an At-Will employer, meaning that you can be terminated from any job for any legal reason without the employer incurring liability. That's a great reason to have an Employment Agreement in tact. Here, both parties can specify terms such as salary, benefits, vacation times, etc., but also the terms and conditions of the responsibilities of both parties and contract length. These could help secure positions for both parties.
4. Purchase/Sale Agreements
These can be rendered for ANY type of business, but a lot of what I have been seeing lately, and a great example of this, would be a Purchase Agreement from a puppy breeder to not only secure the sale of the puppy, but to lay out terms that the buyer must abide by in order to keep the puppy and guarantee it's health and warranty. You can use that example and apply this to anything being sold that has a lot of value.
5. Right of First Refusals
This one is referring to real estate, not parenting agreements. Called an ROFR, this is an agreement between a property owner and the person receiving the right to purchase. If the owner wants to sell or transfer the property or property rights in the future (such as mineral rights), the ROFR allows the holder to have the "first chance" to make the purchase. These come in handy when you want to keep a home or a farm in family succession.
6. Prenuptial Agreements
These are agreements that you make with your partner before you get married. These are for protecting financial assets. These are a good idea for couples who are already established in their careers and/or who own individual property. This agreement can protect your assets after divorce.
7. Licensing/Publishing Contracts
Think of book deals, where one party gives the other party a right to sell a licensed product for a royalty. Think artists. I have been reviewing a LOT of book publishing contracts lately. If you have a contract like this in the works, need one, will be signing one soon, just signed one, etc. and need some help, I would love to review it for you and make sure you're getting a good deal!
8. Promissory Notes
Lamens terms here- when you borrow money from someone to pay for something. Think car loans, etc. But, these can also be family, friend, personal loans. If you're lending money to someone, or you're the borrower, DO NOT DO IT WITHOUT SOMETHING IN WRITING! You can get liens against your property, lose title to your assets, have bank accounts frozen etc. Even with family and me, I have seen horror stories. Protect yourself today.



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