HELLO, I AM TESHIA MARTIN (pronounced like Tee-shuh),


Here is a little a little bit about me:


I just entered my 40's! I am newly married (again). I have 4 beautiful kids (3 boys and 1 girl) and an English Mastiff pup named Marley.

I love growing plants and succulents. My husband, Rob, and I love to cook and try new foods. We have some of our best memories together in the kitchen trying new recipes.

I am a busy sports Mom! I spend a lot of time at jiu jitsu, soccer, hockey, basketball, and school events.

I really enjoy live music! My husband and I usually attend 4-5 concerts a year. I listen to classical piano during business hours because it helps keep me calm and centered. I also love R&B, classic rock, and I could listen to Elvis records on repeat. We love music so much that we have a music room in our home.

I am from a small farm town in Southern Ohio, and I believe in the value of family and friends. I have owned a small business my entire life, so I support local and small businesses as often as I can!



I spent 20 years being a graphic/web designer, marketer and business owner. However, I truly enjoy being an attorney now. I went to law school a little later in life and enjoyed every minute of the career change. I always wanted to be a lawyer, but life and kids happened, and school didn't. In my early 30's, I decided it was time to make that change.

I attended undergrad at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio and then Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio.

I have a passion for estate planning. I lost 3 of my 5 grandparents during the pandemic. Not getting to see them, plus watching my family go through the probate process with no plans for end of life care, such as Powers of Attorney and Wills for my grandparents, helped me see how important being prepared is. I vowed I will not let any more of my own family go through that, and I will try my best to help as many Ohio residents be prepared as I can!

I have a passion for trademarks. Being a graphic designer for 20 years, I saw how important it is to protect your brand by trademarking and not let someone else steal the identity you've worked so hard to create!

I truly love providing a valuable service to people in need, and I value the customer experience. I will absolutely take care of you when you're my client!




It can be scary contacting an attorney. I make it as easy as possible for you. How?

1. I do all of the work for you. I even drive your legal documents TO YOU so you don't have to make special trips.

2. I service all of Ohio.

3. I answer your questions quickly, and if I don't have an answer I will make sure to research and get you one.

4. My pricing is not outrageous. I don't believe attorney services should cost more just because I am an attorney.

5. Book a consult! Call: 740-414-5155




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