How I can help you:

Contracts - Writing & Review

I can help you draft custom contracts for any service. I can also review current contracts that you have or are wanting to sign. Some of the contracts you may be interested in are, non-competes, landlord/tenant leases, employment contracts, sale agreements, fixed price/cost plus forms, licensing & publishing contracts, promissory notes, etc.

Trademark Registration & Copyright Protection

If you own a business or plan to soon, and your brand is important to you, then please let me help you to protect it by trademarking it. If you do not trademark, then you run the risk of someone else shutting your business down because they beat you to it.

Trusts & Estate Planning

I also practice estate planning and end of life preparation. I prepare Wills, Powers of Attorney forms, and Trusts that not only protect your family from having to go through the lengthy and expensive probate process, but can also protect your house from being taken for nursing home care.

Prenuptial Agreements

Are you engaged and planning to be married soon? Maybe you're getting married later in life or are on your 2nd or 3rd marriage? A pre-nup is probably a good option for you. Let me help you and your future spouse draft something that is fair for both of you that protects the assets you have going into the marriage.

Credit Repair & Reports

If you are finding things on your credit report that you'd like to dispute, or you may have fraudulent activity, I can help! Trying to get a home loan? I can help! Trying to build your credit score? I can help! I offer Credit Report & Repair advice that could be just right for you. *not guaranteed

Consumer Finance & Protection

Are you in a dispute with a business or having issues with your car or insurance? Did you buy a product and are now having issues with it? Let me help you. Sometimes, it just takes a simple letter to alleviate a consumer headache.

Book Publishing

I have dealt with many clients over the last year who have book deals gone wrong, and then there are contract disputes. I have gotten good at reviewing publishing contracts and getting artists and writers what they need and deserve. Did you recently sign a book deal and need your contract reviewed? I can help with that too!

General Law

If there is something else you need help with that is not mentioned here, contact me! I would love to help answer your legal question. If I do not have the answer, I will find one for you and/or send you resources. I can also help with: Probate, Dissolution, Oil & Gas Law, Environmental Law, Health Law and Insurance Claims to name a few.




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